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What are the advantages of vacation rentals? 

Vacation rental properties are a dynamically different way to travel compared to hotel rooms. When you search for a vacation rental on, you get exclusive access to vacation home rentals all over the world. From condo rentals in major cities to cabin rentals in the great outdoors, staying in a vacation rental means you will feel at ease on your vacation in ways that are just not possible in a standard hotel. In fact, many people find that a vacation rental is like booking a home away from home. From vacation rentals with a private pool to treehouse rentals in exotic settings, vacation rentals uncap the limits on where you stay on your next travel adventure.

Where can I find the best vacation rentals?

From short-term vacation rentals to weekly rentals that are perfect for long time stays, you will find the world’s most amazing vacation rentals all right here on Seaside vacation rentals put you on the beach, while mountain cabins allow you to escape the modern world completely. Those with furry friends will find pet-friendly cabins on while travelers looking for last-minute vacation rentals will find plenty of options. Even those that are looking for “vacation rentals near me” to slip away for couple of days will find a diverse selection of weekend rentals in their area.

What are the different types of vacation rentals?

Most vacation rentals are private homes, apartments, and condos, although cabins and other unique accommodation options, including tiny homes and treehouse rentals are also popular. Short-term vacation rentals make up the bulk of the listings, but many vacation rental properties also do weekly rentals and even longer-term options. Summer rentals are extremely popular, but we always have year-round vacation rentals. Take a look at the vacation rentals listed on our search engine and we are sure you will be surprised by all the different types and price ranges available. Book yours today!

How do I find a good deal on vacation rentals?

There are several strategies for finding the best deals on vacation rentals with The first is to simply choose the “price” criteria in the search function–this will reveal cheap vacation rentals sorted by price. Another way to save big on a vacation rental is to sign up for our rewards program, which gives you instant savings plus exclusive bonuses. Finally, by searching right before your travel, you can often find great deals on last-minute vacation rentals if you are flexible and not too picky about specific amenities.

How many days can I stay in my vacation rental property?

The length of your vacation rental stay depends on the property itself. A short-term rental is, by design, for those on vacation or relatively short trips. But many properties do also offer weekly stays and longer time frame options that are often discounted over the single night price. Enter your dates into the search engine, choose your vacation rental destination, and see what pops up!

What are the most amazing luxury vacation rentals?

From lodges on acres of mountainous wilderness to luxury villas in prestigious neighborhoods, lists the world's most amazing vacation rentals. We have everything from Chalets in the Swiss Alps, where you can relax in style, to apartments in NYC, where the entire big apple is at your fingertips. Find the luxury vacation rentals you have been dreaming about by checking "5 stars” on our search engine for your dates and location and be prepared to be impressed.

What are the most popular types of summer vacation rentals?

Seaside vacation rentals become extremely popular in the summertime, with everything from vacation homes in Maui to Crystal Beach rentals shooting up in popularity. Cabin rentals also show explosive growth during the summer season as lake cabins, mountain cabins, and even treehouse rentals become highly sought after. Booking vacation rentals with a private pool included is also common during the summer season!

What are the most popular types of winter vacation rentals? 

During the winter, vacation rentals trends usually head south along with the birds and whales. Seaside vacation rentals in Florida and Hawaii are popular this time of year as are international destinations in the tropics. But wintertime is also ski season, meaning that Big Bear cabins and South Lake Tahoe cabins also enjoy lots of visitors. Take a look at the short-term vacation rental selection we have during the winter season and book your home away from home today.

Can I cancel my vacation rental with

Cancelation policies on vacation rentals vary with the specific property. While we are unlikely to charge a cancelation fee, the property owner may. That information should be available in the property listing. To cancel your vacation rental, sign into the booking page and follow the instructions for the specific property. We process all refunds quickly, meaning your funds will be ready to book another stay right away.

Why should I book my vacation rental with

There are many definite advantages to booking a short-term vacation rental with including our unmatched selection of vacation rental properties. Join One KeyTM for free. As a member, you will earn OneKeyCashTM on all eligible bookings which can be used for future trips. asks that all of our property owners adhere to high level health and safety standards. Book your stay today.